As time passes by, several pollutions face drought conditions in their areas where it gets too difficult to even get water for drinking purpose. Almost 40% of the states are becoming drought in the US, including the larger areas of  LA County and the central valley. As things are getting worse and the shortage of water is increasing daily, the government is forcing strict rules on the residential usage of water.

However, many residents have taken several measures that can help most people in conserving water for daily usage. Saving water from the dishwashers to ensuring low flowing aerators on faucets. The shortage of water has risen more because of less rain over all the year. No matter how much we try to save water in many possible ways, let us look at all those other possibilities which can help in saving more water, especially while cooking food.

Tips On Water Saving

Sharing down some of the tips that can help you in saving water, especially while cooking food.

For Frozen Items

People tend to defrost things under running water, such as chicken and meat, which is quite a waste of water. So if you want to defrost anything, try to put it in the fridge the night before use to defrost safely and slowly without wasting water.

Start Using The Bowl

If you plan to wash fruits, vegetables or meat, try to use a bowl big enough to fill the required water for the use, then soak, swish and rinse, instead of using a colander and wasting excessive water.

Reusing Water For Houseplants

You can reuse the water for many purposes, especially for your plants, indoor and outdoor, such as reusing the water from washing fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables Peeling

Some vegetables and fruits can be easily peeled off or separated from their roots easily rather than rinsing them as these are not much dirtier, unlike other vegetables.  

Boiling Of Food

If you want to boil pasta or potatoes, then rather than filling the pot till the mouth tries to fill it to sink the material in it, that would be enough. Also, you can start up using steamer baskets that boil your food and shorten up your preparing time

Try Steaming 

If you are one of those cooks who like to keep everything in the pot for a while with water in it to soften up, you can try to use steaming while cooking, which will help soften your food. This works on foods like potatoes, beets, broccoli, asparagus, carrot and cauliflower. Steaming doesn’t take away all the food’s nutrients; instead, it helps in retaining them.

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