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How often do I need to clean the tanks?
Each kind of water softener has its own respective components. However, a common water softener system has a mineral tank and a brine tank. Contact us to provide you the right answer.


How Frequently Should You Service your Water Softener?
Every home should have a water softener because they remove the minerals that cause water to become hard. To continue functioning well, they do, however, need maintenance and upkeep, just like any other equipment. Frequently servicing a water softener is a crucial component of water softener maintenance. But how often should your water softener be serviced?

The device’s size, kind, level of hardness, and the manufacturer’s recommendations all affect how frequently your water softener needs to be serviced. Although some manufacturers advise more frequent servicing, it is generally advised to service your water softener at least once a year.

With routine maintenance, your water softener may avoid problems like clogs, leaks, and mechanical failures. A technician will inspect the unit’s parts and ensure they operate properly during a service call. Also, they will clean the system, replace worn-out components, and inspect the resin bed and brine tank.

You may need to service your water softener more frequently if you have a large household or particularly hard water. Due to the high mineral content of hard water, the resin bed in the water softener may eventually get blocked or destroyed. The water softener must work harder to remove the minerals in a larger household because it will require more water overall.

You can do a few additional actions to maintain the effectiveness of your water softener in addition to routine maintenance. They consist of the following:

• Maintaining frequent salt level checks in the brine tank and adding salt as needed.
• Use the manufacturer-recommended premium salt pellets.
• Utilizing a resin bed cleaner as instructed to keep the resin bed clean.
• Avoiding flooding the appliance with water since this could lead to damage.

In conclusion, routine water softener maintenance is essential to keep it operating effectively and avoid later more expensive repairs. It is normally advised to service your unit at least once a year, though the frequency of servicing will depend on various factors. You can profit from soft water for a long time if you take excellent care of your water softener.

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