Water Softener Maintenance in Houston

At Clear Water Solutions Houston, we are dedicated to providing beneficial services for our community, and our company is the leading water treatment and testing authority in the Houston area! With each order we receive, we provide a complimentary water test and will use a variety of devices and services to fix water hardness or other issues we might find. A common problem we see in homes is hard water, so if you need safe and clean water, consider using our water softener installation services to improve the quality of your water and fulfill your water needs. We also offer repairs and maintenance to existing water softener systems, so you can rest assured that you will always have access to the cleanest drinking water.

water softener maintenance Why Water Softeners Need Regular Maintenance

Water softeners are incredibly effective in ensuring you receive better quality of water for drinking and other purposes. They make everything softer and cleaner, from your plumbing to your silverware to clothes. With the passage of time, these systems may break down or reduce in productivity due to low salt levels in your water softener. This salt is responsible for ion exchange with the minerals that reduces the hardness of water. Excessive sediment build-up inside the tanks or valves can also cause water softeners to stop functioning properly, or the hardness level of the water has changed, meaning you might need different water softeners. Water softeners need regular maintenance that check for these issues to ensure maximum functionality. 

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Clean Water Solutions Houston offers water softener maintenance services that regularly inspect your water and look for changes in pipes, water flow, and new minerals in the water. We also keep you updated on any changes in your local water supply. Call us today to set up a maintenance appointment, upgrade your existing systems, or replace any malfunctioning components. All of our products, services, and team of dedicated individuals is committed to meeting your water needs. Our Water Filtration Systems Specialists have years of experience and qualified training under their belts to provide you with clean water and long-lasting water filtration systems for your home. To learn more, call us today at 281-224-6160.



FAQ About Water Softener Installation

A water softener is a device that removes minerals from your water supply, such as calcium and magnesium, to prevent scale formation and enhance water quality. Regular water softener maintenance is required to guarantee its functionality.

The frequency of maintenance differs, but most experts recommend checking and cleaning the system every six to twelve months. However, it may depend on the water hardness and the model of softener you have.

Reduced water softening efficiency, increased water hardness, decreased water pressure, and salt bridges or crusts in the brine tank indicate a problem.

Homeowners can perform fundamental maintenance tasks, such as refilling the salt tank and cleaning the brine tank. Consult a professional technician for more complex issues, such as control valve repair or resin replacement.

Testing the hardness of your water ensures that your water softener is operating properly. In addition, it allows you to adjust the settings as necessary to sustain the desired water softness level.

Regular maintenance, use of the proper salt, and prompt resolution of any problems can extend the life of a water softener. In addition, periodically inspect the system for leakage and ensure it operates effectively.