Have you ever heard of anything called a hydro spring? While you might understand “hydro” and “spring” as separate concepts, we are here to break down what the terms together mean!

Hydro Spring is nothing but a water softener that provides you and your family with water at its most delicate state.

But water is already a liquid, so why do we need to soften it up even more? Is it not already delicate? It might come as a surprise to learn that most water is hard and untamed.

This raw water contains microscopic particles known as minerals, which are the components that give water its hard texture. Hard water has a number of drawbacks that are potentially dangerous when we use it in our homes.

First, bathing with hard water can irritate your sensitive skin. Minerals in the water that rush down from your shower straight to your skin react with the soap you use to bath.

A chemical reaction occurs between the soap and the minerals, leaving very small amounts of soap residue on your skin.

This embedded soap can eventually cause irritation to your skin, making it itchy, flaky, and dry. Think twice before blaming these symptoms on a new moisturizer!

Hard water also acts fairly hard on your utensils. The same reaction occurs between the dishwashing detergent and the minerals in the hard water, but the results are more noticeable than your skin.

White patches of soap residue remain on utensils, even after washing them multiple times. Additionally, these minerals can damage your washing machine or dishwater.

Over time, the minerals found in hard water might cause inner parts of these machines to rust and decay.

Proline Hydro Spring — Your Fix for Hard Water

To solve all of these issues that stem from hard water usage, we proudly introduce you to Proline Hydro Spring — the ultimate water softener. It is the result of cutting-edge technology brought to your by our most brilliant engineers.

Proline’s mineral tank is studded with tiny, round resin beads, so they ensures that there is an effective ionic charge exchange between the positively charged magnesium and calcium minerals in your hard water and the negatively charged beads.

As opposite charges attract, these powerful beads hold back the minerals that make your water hard and instead give you soft, pure water.

Feel the soft touch of the water in your skin the next time you take a shower by installing Proline Hydro Spring to your home.

With this water purifier, you can enjoy silky, smooth skin, clean utensils, and protected machinery.

Don’t add anymore stress to your life – contact Clean Water Solutions Houston today install the Proline Hydro Spring today for worry-free water!