As wonderful as water is for the human body, filling your glass with water that smells or tastes bad is enough to deter anyone from taking a sip. Before being able to fix such an unsettling issue, you must figure out what is causing your tap water to become so unpleasant. 

If your water has an egg-like smell or taste, the water is likely absorbing hydrogen sulfide as it passes through your pipes. When you turn on the faucet the gas is released and emits an egg-like odor. Musty or earthy tasting tap water could be from TDS or total dissolved solids. TDS are particles that remain water after the filtration process such as sewage, runoff, and industrial wastewater. A high concentration of chlorine may also be to blame if your water smells or tastes like pool water. Although chlorine is used to kill off bacteria during the filtration process, it should be removed before the water reaches your faucet. Minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, and lead could cause your tap water to have a metallic taste. Small amounts of copper, iron, and magnesium are ok to ingest, but even trace amounts of lead will negatively affect your health. If your tap water has a metallic taste, consider having it tested by Clean Water Solutions Houston before drinking it.

Improving the taste of your tap water is achievable in one of three ways or a combination of these solutions. Installing a water softener is often the first and easiest way to get the most out of your water. Water softeners will remove any salt, minerals, or odors from your water and will safely store it for future use. If utilizing a softener isn’t enough, reverse osmosis will be the next step. This process will re-filter the water your softener has already filtered as it travels through a semipermeable membrane. Mostly used for drinking water, this membrane will allow only water to pass through it, giving you the cleanest glass of water thus far. Unfortunately, sometimes reverse osmosis still does not do the trick. Investing in a sediment filter as well will give your water a triple filtration system that leaves no room for error. Sediment filters will clean your water before it even enters your home, saving your taste buds and your appliances in the long run. If you are struggling with unpleasant drinking water, the highly trained professionals at Clean Water Solutions Houston are awaiting your call. We will assess your water filtration concerns and create the most cost-effective solution, allowing you to enjoy a fresh glass of water right from your kitchen sink sooner than you may think.

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