Water Softener Repair in Houston

At Clear Water Solutions Houston, we are dedicated to providing beneficial services for our community, and our company is the leading water treatment and testing authority in the Houston area! With each order we receive, we provide a complimentary water test and will use a variety of devices and services to fix water hardness or other issues we might find. A common problem we see in homes is hard water, so if you need safe and clean water, consider using our water softener installation services to improve the quality of your water and fulfill your water needs. We also offer repairs and maintenance to existing water softener systems, so you can rest assured that you will always have access to the cleanest drinking water.

water softener repairWhy Water Softeners Occasionally Need Repairs

Most of the time, water softener systems operate out of sight and out of mind, so it can be difficult to determine when they stop working or need repairs. Some signs that your water softener is failing are white spots that appear around your pipes and faucets, stiff laundry, white plaque build-up around pipes and showers, and changes in water quality and pressure. Once these symptoms start appearing, it is important to have your water softener repaired or serviced to prevent lime scale and mineral deposits in your water pipes. Some tips to use between service visits are to use an iron cleaner once a year and watch your salt levels when refilling your water softener salt tank. Rather than adding salt a little bit at a time, wait for it to be almost depleted and then fill it to about two-thirds of the tank.

Get Your Water Softener Repaired Today

Our plumbing professionals are fully licensed and knowledgeable in all the various makes and models of water softeners, and they are capable of servicing a wide array of softeners. To repair your softener, we will clean the brine tank where hard water enters. Next we will cleanse the resin bed of any iron build-up and remove sediment deposits from any valves. Lastly, we will fill up the brine tank with salt so you don’t have to. Call Clean Water Solutions Houston today to get your water softener repaired. All of our products, services, and team of dedicated individuals is committed to meeting your water needs. Our Water Filtration Systems Specialists have years of experience and qualified training under their belts to provide you with clean water and long-lasting water filtration systems for your home. To learn more, call us at 281-224-6160.

FAQ about Water Softener Repair

When a solid layer of salt accumulates on the uppermost portion of a salt tank, a salt bridge is formed, impeding the water flow to the remaining salt, break the bridge carefully with a broom handle or similar tool to restore the free flow of salt.

The frequency at which salt is added to a water softener is determined by the capacity and water consumption of the system. At least once per month, examine the salt level and add more if it falls below the recommended level.

As indicated by pounding or gurgling, sound may result from air entering the system, a blockage, or problems with the control valve. Inspect the system for any apparent malfunctions; should the issue persist, seek professional assistance.

A critical component of a water purifier, the resin bed, is where ion exchange occurs. Hardness particles are eliminated from the water. A damaged or fouled resin substrate may reduce the effectiveness of the water-softening process.

Leak repair in a resin tank might necessitate the assistance of a professional. Nevertheless, an appropriate adhesive may temporarily repair minor leaks. For more significant fissures, professional water softener repair services are advised.

On average, water softeners have a tenure of ten to twenty years. Investing in a new water softener could be more cost-effective if your system becomes increasingly problematic, obsolete, or prone to expensive repairs.