Worried about the water softener leaking for months and still haven’t figured out what to do with it, there is no need to panic. This article will discuss all the common ways to help you solve this water softener leaking problem without contacting a plumber and mentioning some of the ways to help you restore your water softener, which you can quickly do.

How To Repair Water Softener

Mentioning down the number of ways that you can try on for the fixation of your water softener problems.

  • Change The Seal

The seal on the rotor, which is on the lower part of the valve, keeps water from spilling out. By changing it, you can prevent water from leaking.

  • Change The Water Conditioner Rotor Valve.

The rotor valve allows water to pass through the water conditioner to clean and flush the gum channel. A defective valve spills water or secures and doesn’t allow water to pass through. Alter the rotor valve to get to know whether it is damaged or not.

  • Change The Stream Meter.

The water stream meter estimates water utilization. A defective water stream meter will not distinguish the water stream change. Alter the water stream meter in the first place to know either it will distinguish or not when the water stream travels through the conditioner.

Symptoms To Identify Water Softener Leakage

Also, sharing the list of some of the symptoms will help you understand that there are problems associated with your water softener.

  • Water floods

Cause: defective salt water valve get together, terrible rotor valve

  • Not utilizing salt

Cause: salt bridge present inside the salt tank, terribly clogged, valve engine failed, defective rotor valve stopped the water.

  • The water meter isn’t working.

Cause: broken water flowing meter, defective clock, the water stream is avoided from a water softener.

  • Leaked water

Cause: loosen up water line associations, broken water-conveying segments, broken rotor valve seals.

  • Pungent water

Cause: obstructed channel hose, flawed rotor valve, broken rotor valve seals

  • No soft water coming.

Cause: vacant salt tank, salt bridge, drained tar, stopped up or harmed water, broken rotor position switch, defaulted clock.

  • Resins in the water

Cause: torn resins tank screen, terrible tar tank seals, a broken upper seal in tar/resin tank.

Why Is My Water Softener Leaking From The Drain Line?

Since we’ve covered a couple of the critical reasons that play a huge part in water softener spilling from one of its tanks, we should investigate a portion of the hoses and lines associate with the unit. You can typically discover a water conditioner channel line running close to the highest point of the unit or significantly further up.


One thing to keep in mind before checking where water is coming from is to keep disconnected the water softener power. It can lead to any harmful scenario as safety is first. To address this issue, call a water conditioner fix master. They ought to have the option to tackle the issue by supplanting the broken pipes. You can contact Clean Water Solutions for any problem associated with water softener tanks. The professionals at Clean Water Solutions make sure that you get clean in your home.