The biggest mistake that most people make is washing fruits and vegetables straight from tap water. But have you ever thought about how safe tap water is for washing produce that you are going to consume?

Characteristics of Tap Water

Now, when it comes to consuming something, we should know what we are ingesting and where it comes from. Let’s examine the characteristics of tap water and whether it’s safe to consume.

Source of Tap Water

The water that we get in our taps comes from a water treatment plant where the water is made consumable using extensive treatment methods, but when that water reaches our home, is it really in its purest form? The answer to this is no.

While treatment plants try their best to transform water to its purest form, chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine, lead, asbestos, and other harmful chemicals are absorbed into water during the treatment methods.

These chemicals are not good for our bodies, and even more chemicals are absorbed into water as it travels through city pipe infrastructures and storage tanks.

Hence, the water that we get at home doesn’t translate directly to clean drinking water.

Properties of Tap Water

Now that we know where we are getting our water from, let’s classify this water.

We can broadly classify water as soft, slightly hard, moderately hard, hard, or very hard based on its soluble minerals such as calcium & magnesium.

The water that comes straight out of the tap is hard, meaning that it contains a substantial amount of calcium and magnesium.

Washing Produce with Hard Water

The process of efficiently cleaning fruits and vegetables is immensely dependent on fresh, clean, and soft water.

In most homes, tap water is chemically imbalanced and hard. Using such water for cleaning produce can negatively affect our bodies when we consume the produce.

Hard water can also affect the cooking process.

Washing Produce with Soft Water

Using soft water helps with efficiently cleaning produce as well as dishes because there are no chemicals that interact with dish soap.

Using soft water eliminates any sort of residue, stains, or buildup on kitchen utensils.

If you want to wash your produce with the freshest water, the optimal solution is installing a home water softener system.

This system removes all possible contaminations and leaves you with soft, pure water.

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