Without water, there will be no life on the earth. Being one of the essential elements for living creatures, the quality of water that we drink and use for our daily life needs to be very good as it impacts our health.

Pure water is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Water comes from streams, lakes, and rivers and comes in contact with many harsh chemicals and elements; however, drinking water systems include chlorine and high levels of calcium as well.

Clean Water Solutions Houston brings the best cleaning solution to provide hygienic and impurities-free water in town. Let’s discuss different water impurities that are checked with water tests conducted by Clean Water Solutions Houston to ensure water quality.

Water Impurities

Unsafe or dirty water containing elements that cannot be dissolved are termed Total Suspended Solids. These elements include dust, clay, rust, and sand. These elements make the water cloudy and muddy as they remain suspended; also, two essentials, i.e., Oxygen and Hydrogen that pure water contains, lack these.

The presence of Oxygen and Hydrogen in water makes it pure and enables it to dissolve anything that comes in contact with it. Consuming these impurities in the water can result in a range of illnesses and medical ailments. These diseases include:

  • Guinea worm disease
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Legionella
  • Malaria, etc.

Drinking contaminated water gives rise to several waterborne diseases and becomes the reason for many deaths each year.

Types Of Impurities In Water

Types of impurities present in water reserves and systems are as follows:

Biological Impurities present in Water

Biological impurities in water mean the presence of a living creature in the water. These impurities include bacteria, protozoa, pathogens, parasites, viruses, microbes, and their eggs in water. The presence of these impurities is very alarming as these germs reproduce very fast. Contaminated water becomes the main cause of Gastroenteritis in almost every part of Houston.

Colloidal Impurities present in Water

The presence of amino acids and organic waste products in water is included in colloidal impurities. These impurities occur when water comes in contact with suspended matter and elements like rocks, and organic matter flows in streams, lakes, and rivers, making water impure and undrinkable.

  • Water gets chemical impurities from the following sources.
  • Organic wastes from domestic and industrial agriculture waste.
  • Inorganic wastes from medical equipment systems and wastewater.
  • Decomposed animals present near rivers, streams, and lakes.
  • High levels of sodium, magnesium, chlorides, calcium, and iron in river water.
  • Sewage and wastewater from industries.

Microorganisms take the form of magnesium and calcium salts and then contaminate water. Moreover, these germs also include ferrous and non-ferrous-based iron compounds along with silicates.

For healthy living, pure and hygienic water is a necessity. However, communities need to have the right municipal water treatment system to eliminate all the impurities, including aluminum, chlorides, and other hidden elements. Clean Water Solutions Houston, a reputable water solution company in your town with experience and expertise tools, can help to purify all types of water.