Dealing with acne can be really difficult, especially if they pop up all over your face. Their appearance can drain your self-confidence greatly because you would definitely not feel comfortable going out with a face full of painful, red pimples. Now, there are endless creams, facial washes, scrubs and other beauty care products which promise to reduce acne and give you a fresh, clear and healthy skin. You may use them regularly as instructed, but the acne in your face may still not go away.

So is the problem in the beauty products that you are using to get rid of your acne, or is there an underlying cause for it that you are failing to figure out?

Hard Water

Well, you would be surprised to know that the latter is the truth. The quality of water used to wash your face can affect the acne condition of your skin. Wondering how? Well, let us take a dig into it to make things crystal clear for you. If you do not have a water-filter solution installed at your home, then chances are that your house is supplied with regular hard water. Hard water is said to contain many impurities, along with heavy metals which react with your skin, causing the breakout of acne.

Dry Skin

At first, washing your face with the beauty products and hard water may leave soap residues on it. The impurities react with the soap/facial wash and create a layer of soap scum all over your face, which ultimately leads to dry, irritated and itchy skin. All these may make your skin appear a lot drier and add red patches to it, which showcase the irritated portions of it.

Clogged Pores

In addition to that, the impurities of hard water also go on to react directly with the oil produced by your skin, giving it a thicker wax-like consistency which clogs all your pores. These impurities remain on your skin and also react with the creams you apply on it, causing further blockages in your pores. Therefore, these clogged pores cause the development of acne on the surface of your skin, which stubbornly sits on top of your face and does not go away easily.

Harmful Radicals

Side by side, the impurities contained in hard water have also been proven to take up the role of free radicals which come in contact with your skin cells and destroy them. They also interfere with the collagen of your skin, breaking it down and leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clean Water Solutions

To sum it up, hard water is your skin’s arch enemy, and you must do something to protect your skin from the harshness of it. One fine solution could be getting a water filtration and softener system installed in your abode. You could easily get your hands on the premium quality water filtration and softening systems to serve your entire household from us at Clean Water Solutions. Our exclusive, seamless and premium quality water enhancing services are limited to Houston and nearby areas. So do make sure to take advantage of it if you are a nearby resident.