Humans tend to love leading a simple life, yet we often overlook certain aspects that are crucial to our survival. One such example is our consumption of water. It is vital for humans to consume safe and pure water. Only then will we be able to live a healthy life completely free from water-borne diseases.

It might come as a surprise that water in your homes comes in three categories: utility grade, working grade, and drinking grade. These three grades of water are supplied for three different purposes.

  1. Utility Grade Water

First, let us discuss the utility grade water. Water under this specific category is supplied to your house by your respective city. Utility grade water comes with the least federation checks and is not at all safe for drinking purposes. If you have a nice backyard, you can use water under this category to water your plants, scrub your bathroom or house floors, or give your car a nice wash. Utility grade water makes its way to your home through your water faucets and is said to contain the most amount of harmful dirt sediments, which may not be visible to the naked eye.

  1. Working Grade Water

Working grade water is certified to be pure to a certain extent, making is partially safe for drinking. This type of water however, is more suitable for showers, washing dirty dishes, or cleaning your clothing. The reason why working grade water is not 100% safe for consumption is because it passes through the water pipes of your house. This water passes through the internal rust and bacteria that pipes may accumulate over the course of time. You would never want to consume water that is partially contaminated with rust and bacteria.

  1. Drinking Grade Water

Drinking grade water is completely safe for consumption, and it travels through a reverse osmosis (RO) purifier to remove harmful chemicals and toxins. Drinking grade water is also found in bottled water, which is commonly known as mineral water.

Another form of drinking grade water is natural spring water that gushes down the natural mountain bodies. Though this type of water sounds refreshing, it may not be as pure as you think. Spring water comes directly from Mother Nature, but it passes through various levels of soil, meaning that it accumulates tiny bits of dirt sediments. Though this type of water is natural, it most closely resembles utility grade water and is actually not safe to consume.

If you want to make the change to start living a healthy life, purchase a reverse osmosis water purifier today! It will cleanse your water of any harmful chemicals and allow you have to access to safe, clean drinking water.