If the faucets, shower heads, and piping around your home have acquired an off-white mineral buildup, chances are you have hard water running through your home. While many people can deal with the effects of hard water, they may not be aware of the negative impacts hard water can have not only on your home but on your body as well.

Hard water is potable water that contains a high level of “hard” minerals including calcium and magnesium. When tested, water must show a gpg (grains per gallon) of 3.5 or higher to be considered hard water. The mineral deposits that are found lining bathroom fixtures and resting on clean counter tops can be the cause of many future appliance-related issues. Daily wear and tear is made worse by the calcium buildup throughout all of the piping and appliances in your home. It will also leave freshly washed clothes feeling dingy, stiff, and faded.

Your skin and hair are also greatly impacted by the negative effects of removing hard water. Despite no evidence to support that hard water is detrimental on your overall health, it has been proven that the long-term effects of bathing under hard water could leave you searching for a water softener solution. After prolonged use, your hair will become grimy and increasingly fragile. The hard water will also leave residual shampoo on your head and scalp due to the weight of the minerals. Hair loss is also common for those who have continued to leave their hard water untreated.

Similar to the increased fragility of your hair, hard water will also cause your skin to dry out and flake long after your shower or bathe. As soon as hard water makes contact with your skin, those minerals will suck all of the life and moisture out of your skin. If you know that you have a hard water problem wreaking havoc on your appliances, hair, and skin, reach out to the experts at Clean Water Solutions Houston now. Our certified and trained experts can quickly assess your home to determine if your concerns are caused by hard water. Then, we will explain the best course of action for treating the water, such as turning it from hard water to soft water through the use of various water softener systems. If you or someone you know needs to relieve the taxing disadvantages of hard water, call Clean Water Solutions today and let us fix it for you.

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