A lot of complaints have been registered in Texas stating unpleasant odors and tastes in the water that’s received in homes of Texans. Odor and taste are palatability issues that are byproducts of the natural occurrence of algal bloom at the source of water. Today we will be seeing in detail what algal bloom is and why the taste of water in Texas is bad.

Causes of Taste Change

Algal bloom shows up on the surface of water supplies that change the odor and taste of the treated drinking water supply. Lavon Lake is a reservoir in Texas from where the drinkable water comes and algal blooms usually occur there in late July and August every year. However, these two months are not the mandatory ones and this occurrence can happen at any time of the year if the right conditions for them happen in the water supply reservoir.

Summer Algal Blooms

Ideal conditions for algal bloom are hot temperatures and this remains prevalent in this region during this time. There’s no rainfall, temperatures are high, which causes the sunlight to penetrate through the water thus leading to photosynthesis. Under these conditions, the blue-green algae species Anabaena and Nostoc blooms and gives water a musky or earthy taste.

Winter Algal Blooms

Although the most common ones are the mid-summer algal bloom, however, at times, winter algal bloom happens and the odor and taste change during cooler weather patterns as well. The winter algal blooms lead to a metallic or earthy taste which is noticeable in the water supply.

Measures Taken to Treat Algal Blooms

To treat this algal reproduction, the water supply department suspends the usage of ammonia and instead uses free chlorine for maintaining the quality of water. This is the time when people in Texas notice a stronger taste or odor of chlorine. This decrease in the level of ammonia leads to stronger tastes of chlorine in the water.

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